Get Traction

9+ gives you 9 months,
plenty of money, and the
mentorship you deserve!

How We're Different

9+ is for founders who want personalized and deeper mentoring, plus hands-on help with product, sales or marketing.

More Time

We dedicate 9 months of our time and effort for MVP Development, Product Market Fit Tuning, and Fund Raising. We accept fewer start-ups, so you get much more from us.

more Money

We provide 120K of initial funding. Plus, instead of a demo day, you get access to our Angel List Syndicate for up to 500K additional funding during the program. These angels have pre-committed to our program companies.

More advice

Peter and the partners are full time, dedicated to 9+ start-ups. You get on-demand access to us. No need for brief office hours.

the benefits

The 9+ Program offers more engaging and useful benefits than any other

  • Shared Working Space
  • Founder
  • Genuine
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